Citizens of the Year

Each year, the Auburn Rotary Club recognizes a local resident as its “Citizen of the Year.” In some instances, a couple, a business or organization has received this honor. Citizens of the year are honored for their contributions to the betterment of the Auburn community through their work in their particular vocation, or contributions made to the general Auburn community.

Citizen of the Year 2019 Karen Delano
Dr. Karen Delano, Citizen of the Year 2019

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, the Rotary Club of Auburn, Alabama recognized Dr. Karen Delano as the 2019 Citizen of the Year. Dr. Delano served as the previous Superintendent of Auburn City Schools and has worked in the public education realm for more than 40 years. Pictured are left to right: Tyler Adams, President Auburn Rotary Club; Dr. Delano, Citizen of the Year Awardee; Martee Moseley, Citizen of the Year Co-Chair and David Reaves, Citizen of the Year Co-Chair.

Past Recipients of the Auburn Rotary Club Citizen of the Year Award

2018David Housel
2017Jay and Susie Gogue
2016Lolly Steiner
2015Dr. Mary Burkhart
2014Ted Wilson
2013Mike Kosolapoff
2012Bill Ham - Mayor of Auburn
2011The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
2010Dr. Dell Crosby & Mercy Medical Clinic
2009Dr. David and Debbie Smalley
2008Rev. Cliford Jones
2007Dr. J. Terry Jenkins
2006David Marsh
2005Frank Tolbert
2004Dr. George H. Mathison
2003Martha Faupel
2002Dr. Jimmy Matthews and Carolyn Matthews
2001Dr. J. Wayne Flynt
2000Dr. Taylor Littleton
1999Pete B. Turnham
1998Dr. Douglas J. Watson
1997James K. Haygood Jr.
1996Dr. Edward R. Richardson
1995Lee Co. Habitat for Humanity
1994Dr. James E. Foy
1993Dr. H.C. Morgan
1992East Alabama Medical Center
1991The Rev. Charles Britt
1990Ed and Sally Bagwell
1989Tommy Goff
1988Neill Davis
1987Jan Dempsey
1986C.H. McGehee
1985Dr. Wilford Bailey
1984Dr. John Jeffers
1983Auburn National Bank
Citizen of the Year 2018 David Housel Citizens of the Year 2017 Jay and Susie Gogue Citizen of the Year 2016 Lolly Steiner Citizen of the Year 2014 Ted Wilson Citizen of the Year 2013 Mike Kosolapoff 2012 Citizen of the Year 2011 Citizen of the Year 2008 Citizen of the Year 2009 Citizen of the Year

Rotary Community Grants

Since 2013, the Auburn Rotary Club has awarded over $260,000 in grants back to the community.

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