rotary riches 2014

About Rotary Riche$?

Thank you! Your generous donations and ticket purchases will benefit many organizations in our community as all of the money collected will be donated to the Auburn Rotary Community Needs Fund, which is used to help local organizations.

Total Funds Donated ≈ $37,000

Sponsoring Organizations/Individuals - we could not have done it without you!

In order to be able to donate the maximum amount to support our community, we have relied on generous donations from businesses or individuals. Please support each of these generous companies/individuals as they lead out community by helping others!

Organizations Benefiting through Grants

We supported many amazing projects this year through our fundraiser. Click here to read about some of the projects we are supporting this year.

Winner Announcement

We had some amazing prizes this year given away to many lucky winners! Congratulations to all of you. Thank you for helping us support our community!

  • Travel package: Chip Kuykendall
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: John Cochran
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: Ben Jackson
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: Allison Moore
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: Bill and Carol Rodgers
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: Joe Saloom
  • Amazon Gift Card $100: Stan Wilson
  • Amazon Gift Card $200: Robbie Treese
  • Amazon Gift Card $200: Moriah Taylor
  • Golfer Package Grand National: Ann Williams
  • Golfer Package Willow Point: Clint Wilson
  • Golfer Package Moore's Mill: Joe Saloom
  • Golfer Package Auburn University Club: Matt Clegg
  • Golfer Package Saugahatchee: Mike Thrower
  • Diner's Night Out Maestro's 2300: Bill Hutto
  • Diner's Night Out Hamilton's $50: Bill Walsh
  • Diner's Night Out Hamilton's $50: Brenda Evans
  • Diner's Night Out Hamilton's $50: Judy Jones
  • Diner's Night Out Hamilton's $50: Karen Driskell
  • Diner's Night Out Hamilton's $25: Moriah Taylor
  • Diner's Night Out Niffer's Place $25: Pete Johnson
  • Diner's Night Out Uncle Maddio's: David Reaves
  • Diner's Night Out The Hound: Gary Waters
  • Diner's Night Out Irish Bred Pub: Haley Byers
  • Kinnucan's Gift Package: Charlene Thomas
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Abby Adams
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Jim McClaughlin
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Louisa Patterson
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Cecilia Russell
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Hope Stockton
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch: Michael Tullier
  • North Carolina Mountain Retreat: Clint Wilson
  • Challenge Course Outing: David Reaves
  • Wild Birds Unlimited Gift Certificate: Lois Graves
  • Basden Eye Care Gift Card: Nancy Davis

Congratulations to our lucky winners, and thank you for your support!

Rotary Community Grants

In 2018, the Auburn Rotary Club awarded $35,000 in grants back to the community.

Find out about that program.

Thank you to our 2018 Citizens of the Year

David Housel

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The Auburn, Alabama Rotary Club meets each Wednesday at noon in the banquet room of the Saugahatchee Country Club:

3800 Bent Creek Rd
Opelika, AL 36804
Phone: 334-749-3441

Committed to Humanitarian Service, High Ethical Standars in All Vocations, Peace & Goodwill