Auburn Rotary Club - Community Needs Grant Request

We are now accepting application for PROJECTS performed by organizations in our area. Each project will be evaluated on whether or not it adheres to or satisfies club and Rotary International goals of service. We will require applicants who are approved to produce a written report and potentially verbal presentation for the club on how the funding was used and its impact on the community.

Having that kind of transparency will allow us to maintain a healthy, ongoing relationship with your organization as well as allow you to present your accomplishments to the club and be recognized for a successful partnership with us.

This form is used to request the allocation of Community Needs funds in accordance with the PROCEDURES section of our website. Please provide as much information as you believe appropriate to support your request. This information will be used by the Community Needs Committee for preparing a priority listing for recommending the award of funds. Final approval of grants will be decided by the club officers.

Please note: upon completion of this you will receive a confirmation number both on screen and via email. As long as you receive a confirmation number, we have your application. If you do not receive one, please contact us as something may not have come through. Thank you for all you do!

Principal Agency/Program Contact:
A. Please describe how your agency benefits our community.
B. Are you a not-for-profit organization that has been declared tax exempt by the IRS, or have 501(C)3 tax deductible purposes? Yes No
C. Does your organization look to a Board or governing body for guidance? Yes No
D. Do you charge fees for services or membership? Yes No

If yes, please give examples.
E. Please check the areas served.

Auburn Only Lee County Outside Lee County

Project Information

Please tell us about your project.
What is the end goal of the project?
L. Amount requested $
What is the end date of the project?
C. Are you willing to give Rotary a full report on this project annually and/or at its conclusion? Yes No

Estimated Impact

What is the target group/demographic for this project? How do you plan to attract/notify this group?
F. Please estimate the approximate number of individuals who will be served through this project by age.

Age Group Number Served

Budget and Funding

Please estimate the sources of funding you expect to receive for this project.
J. Sources of Funds % of Total
Local Contribution %
Fees and Sales %
City and County Funding %
State Funding %
Federal Funding %
Earnings from Reserves/Endowments %
Please provide us with a proposed budget and cost breakdown for this project.
Line item/category Amount in dollars
If awarded, how (specifically) will the funds be used?

N. Summary justification for request.

Please give information about your project that will help the Committee further evaluate the nature of your project.

  1. How does this project provide direct support to the needy?
  2. What is the impact on the community-at-large?
  3. We want to make sure we maximize the percentage of each dollar given to support those in need. What will you do to minimize overhead/indirect costs on this project?
Please provide a contact in case the committee has questions or would like to contact your organization.
Representative Name
Contact Telephone Number
Email address

Rotary Community Grants

In 2018, the Auburn Rotary Club awarded $35,000 in grants back to the community.

Find out about that program.

Thank you to our 2018 Citizens of the Year

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